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Social Media, Streaming Radio, TV, and a steady stream of Internet News.  There is information everywhere, and you need your answers.

Economic and Regulatory Updates

Who changed the rules again?

It just takes one rule change, and your company or your family planning can be offside. Connecting you with a reasonable explanation when you are needing it.


EFPB - Seminar and Team Instruction

Professional Seminars Built to Educate


Employee Benefits Seminars

Attracting Key Employees

It's not uncommon that many businesses have health and group benefits programs that just aren't being utilized, or understood.  A strong benefits program can help retain, and attract the right people.  Our seminars are built to assist in getting your program information out in a simple, easy to understand format


Financial Planning Seminars

Helping Employees achieve their goals

We have developed a 12 seminar program that can be offered monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.    These topics include; simple budgeting techniques, RRSP & TFSA usage, investment strategies, tax minimization, RESP & Educational Savings Programs, Fraud Protection, as well as Insurance and Health risk protection.  These seminars are offered in 45-60 minutes segments - either on, or off-site.


Business Owner Education

Stay on top of the Business Plan

It's not easy making the decisions, and sometimes it's not easy staying on top of the information that trickles in monthly. These short 20-30 minute updates can be delivered either in person, online, or over conference call to owners when they want key economic, and regulatory updates.


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